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As I Am (Rags And Riches Book 8) E.M. Leya




As I Am (Rags and Riches Book 8)

by E.M. Leya

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Kyle has struggled to protect his brother from the darkest things in life, but in doing so, they've lived on the streets, making a life for themselves away from those who would hurt them. It's taken years, but life is starting to look up for Ky. Still, he finds it hard to quit working the streets and the easy money it brings.

Carson has everything he could want in life. Even with fame and fortune, something is missing in his life. Friendship. He longs for someone who accepts him for who he is, not what he does or can give them.

Ky and Carson are as different as they come on the outside, but when they are together, there is no denying the chemistry. Both lost and seeking something they don't think they'll ever find, they seek out the comfort they find only in each other.

With life pulling them in different directions, and society's standards telling them a relationship can never work between them, the two must fight to prove that sometimes it's not about what you have in life, it's about finding what you need.




















As I Am (Rags and Riches Book 8) E.M. Leya

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